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Fire Safety Certification Agreement

Centre Region Code Administration requires that all tenants complete and sign (either traditionally, digitally, or electronically) the Fire Safety Certification Agreement. Please take a few minutes to review the important details below regarding examining/testing your smoke detectors. Once you are ready to read, sign, and submit the agreement, please click/tap here to access the form: Fire Safety Certification Agreement

When completing the agreement, please include your specific building and residence / unit number or complete street address in the appropriate field at the top of the form.

NOTE: Never remove the batteries to silence an unwanted alarm.  The alarms are tamper-resistant and removing the battery may break the device.  Attempting to remove the battery or batteries will result in a tenant charge to replace the alarm, as well as an additional fine of $150.00 from the Centre Region Code Administration office.

Smoke Detectors

For Bryce Jordan Tower, Campus Tower, Centre Court, The Edge, and Pugh Centre

The smoke alarm should have an illuminated LED lamp indicating that it is working.  If the LED lamp is not illuminated, contact our Maintenance Department immediately at 814-237-5811.

For all other Buildings

Please test the smoke detectors throughout your home – press the test button and wait for an alarm to sound. If the sound is loud, then the detector is in working order. If the detector does not sound, or the sound is faint, please contact our Maintenance Office ASAP – (814) 237-5811.


The silence feature is intended to temporarily silence the horn while you identify and correct the problem.  Do not use the silence feature in emergency situations.  It will not correct a CO problem or extinguish a fire.

The silence feature can temporarily silence an unwanted alarm for several minutes.  You can silence this smoke/CO alarm by pressing the ‘test/silence’ button on the device cover for at least 3-5 seconds.

After the ‘test/silence’ button has been released, the alarm voice will speak “horn silenced, detector active.”  The red LED blinks continuously during silence mode.

When the smoke alarm is silenced:

The smoke alarm will remain silent for up to 15 minutes before returning to normal operation.

If the smoke has not cleared, or continues to increase, the device will once again begin sounding the alarm.

When the CO alarm is silenced:

The CO alarm will remain silent for up to four (4) minutes.

If the CO levels remain potentially dangerous after four (4) minutes, the horn will begin sounding again.

**Please remember that these devices are for your protection.  If there are any problems at any time, contact our Maintenance Department at 814-237-5811 (available 24 hours).