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Fire Safety Certification Agreement



THE MANAGEMENT OF Associated Realty Property Management, henceforth referred to as “ARPM”, hereby certifies to the Tenant(s) of

that all smoke alarms and other life safety equipmment are in working condition and the fire extinguisher(s) has/have been inspected within the last year and are in ready condition.  Tenant(s) agree(s) not to remove the batteries and/or tamper in any way with the smoke alarm(s) and other life safety equipment.

In accordance with provisions of the State College Municipal Ordinance: Centre Region Building Safety and Property Maintenance Code, 2017 Edition, henceforth referred to as the “Ordinance”, ARPM hereby informs the Tenant(s) that it shall be the responsibility of the Tenant(s) to verify that the smoke alarm(s) and other life safety equipment is/are in working condition and inspect the fire extinguisher for a current inspection tag and is charged.  By signing or typing your name below on this Fire Safety Certification Agreement, henceforth referred to as “Certification Agreement”, you, the Tenant(s), indicate that you have done these checks and must return this certification to the landlord within 48 hours of receiving the Certification Agreement.  All Tenant(s) must sign this Certification Agreement.

Any Tenant(s) failing to execute the Fire Safety Certification Agreement shall be in violation of Section 704.9 of the Ordinance and subject to the penalties set forth in section 106.3 of the Ordinance.

The Tenant(s) is/are required to report a deficiency to maintenance or management immediately after the deficiency is detected or if the system is malfunctioning.  For maintenance, please call (814) 237-5811.  For management, please call (814) 231-3333.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Certification Agreement. By signing or typing in my name and the date below, I agree to be responsible for reporting all fire and life safety equipment malfunctions to ARPM and agree to not hold ARPM accountable for any unreported malfunctions effective immediately upon signing and ending on the lease end date agreed upon with ARPM.