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When is rent due?

Rent is always due on the first of each month. When mailing a payment, please be sure to account for transit time so
that it reaches our office by the due date.


What are your office hours?

Leasing and Accounting offices:  Mon – Fri 8:30am – 5:00pm  |  Maintenance office:  Mon – Fri 8:00am – 4:30pm


Do you have a grace period?

We do not have a grace period for rent payments. If not paid on the first day of the month, late fees will accrue.


Do you send a bill for rent each month?

No. As stated in our lease, rent is due without demand from the landlord on the first day of each month.


What payment options do you accept?

We accept checks, cash, money orders, and credit/debit cards for most payments. It is also possible to remit a payment online via our online payment service, ClickPay, using a checking account or a credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express) by clicking “Pay Online” from our website.  Registration to the service is required.  Please note that security deposits cannot be paid online.  However, it is possible to pay your security deposit in person by check/cash/money order as well as by credit/debit card either in person or by phone.


Can I make a payment over the phone?

Yes, we accept payments for rent, security deposit, application fees and other charges by phone using your valid credit or debit card. For rent payments, please be sure to use our online payment service, ClickPay, by clicking on the green “Pay Online” tab on our website.  Registration is required before using this service.


Can I pay a security deposit with a credit card?

Yes!  We accept credit/debit cards either in person or by phone for all payments, including security deposits.  Please note that security deposits cannot be paid online through Clickpay.


Do you offer a short-term lease?

For the majority of the properties that we manage, our lease terms are for 12 months beginning and ending each August. In some cases, a shorter term may be an option depending on current resident status and/or leasing specials that may be running. Please ask one of our leasing consultants for details.


How do I lease a parking space?

To apply for a parking space, it is required that you complete and submit a parking application online ( If a parking agreement is offered, a payment equal to the amount due for the term will be required in advance. The payment methods that we accept are check, cash, money order, and credit/debit cards. Please note that rent for a parking space cannot be paid online at this time.


Is it required that I have a parent/guardian complete a guaranty agreement?

If you are an undergraduate student without full-time employment, a guaranty agreement must be completed by a


Is it required that the guaranty agreement be notarized?

In most cases, no. We use an electronic document and signature platform to convey leases and guaranty agreements. So long as the guaranty agreement is completed in full and signed electronically, notarization is not required.


My parents will not sign the guaranty agreement. Can I still sign a lease?

Yes, provided that you qualify with sufficient income, credit history, and landlord references. Another option is to
pay the rent in full for the entire lease term in advance.


When is the security deposit refunded?

Security deposit refund checks will be mailed via USPS thirty (30) days after the lease end date. You must provide a forwarding address, either in writing or online, to our office.


Will you refund the security deposit in separate checks?

The security deposit is refunded as one check made payable to all lessees. This is due to the fact that the lease is ‘joint and several’. Additionally, it allows the residents to work out any conflicts internally. Please be advised that all lessees must endorse the check before it can be deposited or cashed.


My former roommates and I do not live near each other. How can we cash our security deposit

It is possible to have the security deposit check made payable solely to one lessee. To do this, all lessees must complete and sign an addendum to the lease. Please contact our office to have this prepared for you. We will be glad to circulate the document for signature using an electronic signature platform.


Can I use my security deposit to pay my last month of rent?

No. The security deposit is not to be used toward rent. Please be advised that you will be charged late fees for any
unpaid rent.


Do you allow subletting?

Yes, provided that you follow the procedure as outlined here (


Can I move in early?

Due to the vast number of places that we must prepare for new tenants in August and the short amount of time that we are granted, this is generally not possible. The move-in date is printed on page one (1) of your lease agreement; please be sure to plan accordingly to take occupancy on or after this date.


I am leasing a furnished apartment. Will you remove furniture that I do not want?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Due to the fact that ARPM does not own the properties or the furnishings that are provided, we are not authorized to remove them.


How do I replace a lost key?

In most cases, it is possible to borrow a key from either a roommate or our office and get it copied. To borrow the key from our office, we require a valid photo ID and a $5.00 deposit as collateral. The locksmith authorized to copy keys for the properties that we manage is AKS Security (814-237-1398). Certain properties have restricted keys that may not be copied, in which case you must have the lock(s) changed at your expense. Replacement electronic keys may be purchased at our office during normal business hours for $25.00. Only current tenants or valid sublet tenants are authorized to borrow and copy keys.


What should I do if I get locked out?

During business hours, you may stop by our office to borrow a key. We require a valid photo ID and $5.00 deposit ($25.00 for electronic keys) as collateral. After business hours, you must contact our on-call emergency maintenance service at 814-237-5811.  Please be prepared to show a valid photo ID, a copy of your lease or sublet agreement, and provide payment at the time of service.