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Move-out Information

Posted on April 29, 2015 by Christopher Walter in News

The end of the semester is fast approaching and ARPM wants to be sure you remain informed of the procedures for vacating the rental property.  If your lease is ending in June or August 2015, you may have noticed that we delivered a packet of information to your door.  We have included the information that appears in this packet below.

Move-out procedures

A booklet outlining the procedures necessary to receive a full security deposit refund was included in the packet.  You can click the link below for a .pdf copy of this booklet:

Move-out Information Booklet

Security deposit refund options

Also included in the packet is information regarding your options for the security deposit refund.  As per the lease agreement, your security deposit refund check will be made payable to all of the names listed on your lease.  This means the actual check will need to be signed by all tenants in order for it to be processed.  Often times this means the check, along with a copy of each tenant’s photo ID, will need to be mailed from one tenant to the next for signature then brought to the bank by the last tenant to be processed and divided.

As an alternative, it is possible to sign an addendum to have the check made payable solely to one tenant on the lease then sent to that tenant for processing and disbursement among the roommates.  All tenants must sign the addendum for this option.

If you are interested in having your security deposit refund check made payable solely to one tenant (your group chooses the tenant), please let a rental agent know and we will prepare an addendum for signature.

Electric service account (if applicable)

Be sure to contact your electric service provider (West Penn Power) to transfer electric service back into ARPM’s name as of the last day of your lease agreement.  This will avoid any unnecessary charges from the service provider.

Forwarding your mail / Change of address

Please remember that the forwarding address that you must provide to ARPM is for the purpose of returning your security deposit.  You must register with the US Postal Service to have your mail forwarded or to change your mailing address.  This is most easily accomplished via their official website at

We have enjoyed having you stay with us!  Please be sure to contact us if you should have any questions or concerns.