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Electric Account Information

If you have not yet started service for your electric account for the leased premises you will be occupying soon, please visit West Penn Power to establish your account.
+1 (800) 686-0021

Once you are on their website, hover over the “Service Requests” option, and a menu will appear. On this menu, under “Start or Stop Service” click “Start Service (Move-In)”

Once the new screen loads, begin the process under “New Customer” by entering the zip code of your new home and continue through the prompts.

When finished, please fill out the form below so we have your account number in our records. Thank you! If you have any questions, please email [email protected]!

Please include building name or complete street address and apartment number (if applicable)
Your electric account number should start with “100” – if it does not, you likely have the wrong number. No account number begins with a letter!