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ARPM Newsletter Edition 3 – Marketing Updates

In the age of technology and smart phones, the marketing landscape has increased in size, volume, and complexity.  Recognizing this rapidly changing era of business, ARPM moved to hire a full-time staff member to organize and rejuvenate its marketing efforts.  Dan has been learning and adapting to the rapidly changing marketing climate by studying trends and legalities for property management marketing.   With numerous laws, regulations, standards, and guidelines to follow, Dan has been coordinating, planning, and executing on several short-term and long-term marketing campaigns.

This started with a look into social media, as this is where our undergraduate and young adult customers tend to spend their free time.  While the plan began smoothly, Facebook provided many obstacles in concentrating our marketing efforts.  Things are looking up as Dan has been working to both overcome these obstacles and better our presence on the platform.  He has also established an ARPM branded Instagram he hopes to tie to a ARPM branded Facebook page soon.  Dan recently launched a Snapchat ad campaign which has already been viewed over 194,000 times!  The campaign is set to run for a month so the audience it draws is sure to be great!  Dan is set to meet with his dedicated Snapchat Marketing Specialist to improve the ad’s performance and develop ideas for campaigns moving forward

In addition to social media, Dan has been working to refresh and align our other digital marketing avenues, including Google Ads, our website, and other third-part property listing websites like Zillow, Craigslist, and CollegePads.  Dan met with an Ad Specialist from Google and set about tweaking our Ad Account.  Within a day the phones began ringing more frequently and more inquires came in.  Dan has also been consistently monitoring and updating our available professional properties on Zillow and Craigslist.  CollegePads has proved fruitful for leads for undergraduates, so Dan is updating our listings on the site with updated photos and features.  Dan has been updating feature photos for our properties on the website, as well as refining and expanding upon the content on the site.

In addition to the online marketing Dan was hired to coordinate, he has also been busy expanding upon and refining our print marketing as well, including advertisements in local publications such as Town and Gown, State College Magazine (coming soon), Bargain Sheet, Centre Daily Times, and The Daily Collegian.  Dan also launched campaigns for advertisements on the Centre Area Transit Authority (CATA) busses, that operate throughout State College and the surrounding areas.  Interior advertisements are running currently and a large panel decal on the back of a bus will run for three months in the fall during peak student rental season.  We also have a billboard that can be seen driving into State College on a major highway.  Dan also recently went around Penn State’s campus, putting up flyers highlighting some of our current leasing specials to catch the eyes of those studying on campus.  Additionally, he has been designing improved print materials, such as informational pamphlets and posters, as well as fun merchandise to brand to use as giveaways at housing fairs and other events.

As you can see, the 6 months Dan has been with ARPM have been exciting and proving fruitful.  This is only just the beginning of what is in store for marketing the wonderful company that is ARPM.