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ARPM Newsletter – Edition 2 – Team Updates

Team Updates – Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is hard at work with monitoring and processing data for both internal, owner, and tenant finances.  They are great auditors and quickly work with our other departments to improve and streamline our processes.  Their knowledge is invaluable, especially during peak rentals seasons, including our currently on-going professional and graduate student rental season.  They ensure all “i”s are dotted and “t”s are crossed during application processes, so money is collected, accounted for, and dispersed appropriately.

Team Updates – IT

Our IT and Marketing department is finalizing an update to our website to ensure it is usable for those with disabilities.  Through software, research, and careful crafting, the team has added code, imagery, and setting options that create a more positive experience for those using the site.  These updates help with multiple disabilities from blindness to epilepsy as well as to color blindness.  ARPM strives to ensure a positive experience for all tenants, owners, and prospects!

Team Updates – Maintenance

Our remodel efforts are proving to provide a competitive edge for our owners.  With newer constructions entering the Downtown State College market, students have more options than ever and are becoming more critical of their choices.  Through our research, we have found that bright whites and grays as well as open-concept units are the current trend.  Units that appeal to this design have a high tendency to rent more quickly and for higher rental rates than their un-renovated counterparts.  Our remodel coordinator is top notch at helping design on a budget and focusing on trouble areas that need the most care.

Team Updates – Rentals

The rentals team is in full swing for the 2021-22 professional and graduate student rental season.  As we continue to mitigate COVID-19 exposure for our tenants, owners, and staff, the agents have adapted their approach to our “virtual showings”.  These “showings” are accomplished through the know-how of our experienced team as well as photos submitted by the current tenants.  Despite the unique nature of this rental season, we are ahead in our percentage of rented professional and graduate properties!

In an uncertain, COVID-19 rental market, we are pleased that many of our buildings are 100% leased for the 2021-2022 rental term:

  • Beaver Terrace
  • Beaver Twin Apartments
  • Bloomsbury Square
  • Bryce Jordan Tower
  • Campus Tower
  • Centre Court
  • Cliffside Apartments
  • The Commons
  • The Collegian
  • East View Apartments
  • The Edge
  • Hamilton Apartments
  • The Legend
  • Midtown Square
  • The Phoenix
  • Pugh Centre
  • Westbriar Townhomes
  • 200 West
  • 222 East College Ave
  • 230 East College Ave