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ARPM Newsletter – Edition 1 – Team Updates

Team Updates – Bookkeeping

The COVID pandemic has presented a new set of challenges for tenants, owners, and property managers alike. No one knows these challenges better than our Bookkeeping staff. In an unpredictable economy, with numerous layoffs, many of our tenants have requested rent concessions. Our Bookkeeping team has worked diligently with our owners to create solutions that allow families and students to remain in their units, while minimizing the financial impact to our owners. These “outside-of-the-box” solutions require knowledgeable staff and careful tracking and follow-up. These challenges, along with the need to upgrade and remodel units to remain competitive in an ever-changing market, have given our Bookkeeping staff an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and skills.

Team Updates – IT

New and better technology continues to lead our society. In a market where the majority of our business is conducted with a population of individuals who look for the convenience and safety of doing business online, we turn to our IT professionals to make it possible. This team has worked endlessly with the other teams within our organization to make it possible to conduct virtual “showings”, apply online, and provide tools both internally and externally to sustain our business. Having an on-site staff has proven invaluable in finding solutions to best serve our owners and tenants in these uncertain times.

Team Updates – Maintenance

Our maintenance technicians are at the forefront of our customer service initiatives, being face to face with our tenants all day, every day. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, ARPM has been evaluating our safety protocols and putting in place a new set of guidelines that best protects our staff, owners, and tenants. After briefly pausing to evaluate the best way to continue to serve our clients in the midst of a pandemic, our technicians are hard at work catching up on the annual servicing of our units.

Our remodel efforts are underway as we continue to assist our owners in providing the most up-to-date units at a fair price. ARPM was the first to recognize the value in investing in remodels now to remain competitive in a market where new construction is the “norm”. Investing now in providing high quality, fair priced housing to our tenants continues to be the best path to a long-term, higher return-on-investment for our owners.

Team Updates – Rentals

Our Rentals staff is the first interaction our tenants have with ARPM. Our experienced and knowledgeable agents assist our prospective tenants with finding properties that suit their individual needs. This team knows the ins and outs of the State College real estate market, from maximum occupancy to which properties offer laundry facilities. If it exists in this market, our agents know where to find it. In an uncertain, COVID-19 rental market, we are pleased that many of our buildings are 100% leased for the 2021-2022 rental term:

  • Beaver Terrace
  • Beaver Twin Apartments
  • Bloomsbury Square
  • Bryce Jordan Tower
  • Campus Tower
  • Centre Court
  • Cliffside Apartments
  • The Commons
  • The Collegian
  • East View Apartments
  • The Edge
  • The Legend
  • Midtown Square
  • The Phoenix
  • Pugh Centre
  • Westbriar Townhomes
  • 200 West
  • 222 East College Ave

Our agents also represented ARPM at both the Penn State Spring Virtual Housing Fair, and the in-person Housing fair in late February. We had one of the most visited booths at both events, and were able to meet and chat with a number of new prospects. Our rental agents are always happy to meet the students at these events!

Working in conjunction with our Bookkeeping and Maintenance staff, our Rental Agents provide valuable feedback to our owners to help identify improvement opportunities. September and October presented an enormous challenge to our staff, as we worked to lease your units while social distancing and following COVID guidelines. As we head into March and April, our agents will be focused on marketing and leasing our graduate and professional properties. Under the guidance of our Property Manager, we continue to provide the best value for the best price in the State College market.