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ARPM Newsletter – Edition 1 – Pickle Policy

Pickle Policy Updates

We recognize that customer service is key to retaining existing relationships and building new relationships.  We believe that Bob Farrell said it best when he said “Give ‘em the pickle!”  We have established a customer service training initiative to help motivate and lead our teams to provide the best customer service in the area.  We will center this initiative around four basic principles –

1) Make serving customers our main priority! 
2) Choose your attitude!

How you think about your customers is how you will treat your customers! 

3) Be consistent!

Customers return because they like what happened last time! 

4) Teamwork!

Everything ends up in front of the customer!  Do your best to make each other look good!  

We strive to provide the best customer service possible – giving our clients solutions instead of excuses, while still following our policies and protecting our owner’s best interests.  You can watch a sample of Bob Farrell’s “Give ‘em the Pickle” here.